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DJI Phantom Flight App (v2)

Мультимедиа и видео
5 usd

Supports :Phantom 2 Vision Plus v2/3.
The app includes ground station and follow-me (P2 only). You can plan flights offline(csv files) then import and fly. Use the follow-me feature with a gps enabled device that can get locations with <= 10 meter accuracy.
Fly with FPV and map views. Both views on one page with configurable width.
Bring your drone back! Improved flight logging. The app logs inflight params and always starts with the last known locations. Find my phantom feature allows for viewing logged flight data in the app. Use the last known position and the flight track to find fly aways.
Attach a small device to your phantom and monitor its location using cell towers. Requires a cell device with a data plan. Im currently testing with 2 inch android watches and will post more info about GSM tracking soon.
Use gestures to control the camera gimbal.
Follow Me: orientation and logging: Plan Import: Game: Flight Plans: